Relomi Ikan Service Introduction

Corporate Services


English-Japanese Translation & Interpretation services

  • Want to learn English or a local language?
  • Why not to train your local staff in Japanese language?

Market Research, Feasibility study assistance, India Entry, Expansion related assistance, Coordination or introduction to Service Partners for Company Incorporation, HR, Accounting, etc

  • Ask us anything! We will honestly answer whether we can do it……..
Corporate service partner

Relocation Services

Housing, Commercial, Service Apartment, Property Management : 

  • NO cost of Property Visits
  • FREE Orientation during Property Visit
  • FREE consultation on Relocation Strategy
  • May be the Japanese Personnel or local staff need Cross Cultural Training?
Passport and Visa Services

Services related to Visa, Residential Permit, FRO, Legalization of documents, Change of jurisdiction

  • FREE consultation on Visa, Immigration related processes

Car Rental Services

Short / Long Term car rental, Fleet Management Services, Driver Manpower Services : 

  • Liberty to choose Car Color & Make
  • Cars & fleet management all by us OR
  • Your cars – Drivers & fleet management by us OR
  • Your cars & drivers – fleet management by us
  • Customized driver training to suit customer requirements